About me

I support you with the hardest job of all, the raising of your precious children.
I help you find joy, peace and ease dealing with your family challenges.
I teach you to connect with your children with empathy.

Founder – Isabel Stafford, Certified Conscious Parenting Coach

Why Coaching?

Because parenting was not meant to be done alone.
Because kids don’t come with a manual, every parent needs a parenting coach.



Understanding your triggers, fears and obstacles



Transforming your family dynamic towards your vision



Experiencing ease and calm in the mist of chaos



Breaking the cycle and creating a new way to relate to others

Isabel has admirable parenting qualities that I have tried to emulate with my own children since we first met. I remember her once saying, “I was tired of yelling at
_Meghan Griffin,
I love Isabel’s approach to peaceful parenting. It has made me be more mindful about how I interact with my 10 yr old daughter. I also love that you can
_Melissa Robinson,
Her methods that she shares has and continues to inspire me. She goes out of her way to maintain a connection with her boys while providing them with guidance…   Isabel,
_Sybil Drbal,
I like all of the ideas Isabel has shared with me over the years of being mindful, looking at how I behave and how I want to be, and raising
_Audra Caldwell,

What's New


10 weekly one-on-one coaching sessions
10 lessons with teaching videos, worksheets and resources
24/7 email support

Week 1  – Why am I reacting?

Week 2  – Creating a shift

Week 3  – Backed by science

Week 4   – Let it go

Week 5   – Talk it through

Week 6  – Practice makes perfect

Week 7  – Boundaries

Week 8  – But I’m pulling my hair out

Week 9  – The language of children

Week 10  – Your transformation

The days are long but the years are short

Your time to build influence with your kids is limited