I’m a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach.

I work with parents who are committed to turning their family dynamic around, to bringing more peace to their homes and cooperation from their kids. In other words, I teach them how to stop yelling and punishing and how to parent through empathy and connection.

Parents know when their approach is not working and when they reach out, I meet them right where they are, I offer them a judgment-free and confidential relationship, I guide them through their struggles, celebrate their successes and support them in their setbacks.

After working with me you will feel confident about the best way to raise your children, you will feel a sense of peace and regain your joy knowing that every member of your family feels loved and valued, they are heard and they matter.

You will be the parent you always wanted to be in the midst of any circumstance.

I am a mother of three boys and I went from being the “perfect” parent raising my kids hypothetically before I had them to a “monster mom” in a matter of a couple years after I had my first, my world crumbled. It was chaos. And then to a confident mom that gained her joy back thanks to a deep dive into conscious parenting, a long journey of inner work still to this moment and staying committed to being true to myself.