Your parenting is nothing you expected and you are in fight mode a lot of the time. Your child pushes your buttons until you just loose it. Realizing the root of the struggles is the key step in turning around your family dynamic
You gain self-control, and see glimpses of joy, your kids listen more and everyone feels part of one team. You find more ease and calm, your life turns around, you become more each day the parent you wanted to be.
You witness tangible results of your work, you become a new person and you feel confident you are doing the best for your family no matter the situation. Everyone feels heard, seen and they deeply know they matter. Love + Consciousness = Joy This is the win you are have achieved.
You break the cycle of brokenness, heal yourself and change the world by changing your family dynamic which will ripple to future generations. Your children live by your example through connection, empathy and love.


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What is a Strategy Session?

This is a FREE 45 minute phone call we have arranged after you have filled out a request form. Strategy Session.
We talk about your biggest challenges in parenting. We get clarity on where you are at right now, what you need to move forward and where you are going. We also talk about your vision for your family, I share with you what is going to take to get the transformation you are seeking and what is the next step for you to enroll on the Ultimate Parent Success Program.

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What is the Ultimate Parenting Success Program?

It is an intense 10 week dive in into your parenting situation. It is the door to a new life for you and your family. This new approach to parenting is the heart from where all the ease, calm, cooperation and ultimately joy comes from. It is the end of the second guessing yourself raising your children.


10 weekly one-on-one coaching sessions: We coordinate the best time for us to talk weekly over the phone or video chat. Our coaching sessions last about 1 hour, we address a topic each week and any questions you have. We spend most of our time coaching you through your challenges and helping you unlock your own wisdom.

10 modules in every area of your parenting: Every week we address different aspects of your parenting, how you can start creating a shift, how to resolve conflict in a healthy way, how to handle big emotions and setting boundaries

24/7 email support. I am available through email during the week between sessions, if you have any questions, I will answer within 24 hours.

Teaching Videos, worksheets and resources. Every module has a teaching video , some worksheets for you to fill out at your convenient time if you want to do some deeper work and it also include some resources to support you during our time together.

The Ultimate Parenting Success program is divided in 10 key modules where you will be unlocking every phase of your parenting, starting from the root cause of the issues.

Week 1: Why am I reacting?
Start bringing awareness at the key moments in your life where conflict starts to arise. Finally go to the root cause of your reactivity and understand why and where is coming from.

Week 2: Creating a shift
With a new understanding and perspective about your struggles you can start turning you family dynamic around one step at a time.

Week 3: Backed by science
It is important to understand where your child is at in their brain development so we know what to expect at their different ages.

Week 4: Let it go
As we gained new understanding about the obstacles that get in the way of our desired relationship with our children and we start having great aha moments, we start letting go of what does not serve us anymore.

Week 5: Talk it through
Learn to have empowered conversations where everyone feels listened to and that they matter.

Week 6: Practice makes perfect
You are ready and confident now to use our powerful Conscious Parenting tool to build connection in the mist of any situation.

Week 7: Boundaries
Part of the success on building strong relationships involves defining clear boundaries that respects and supports everyone in the family.

Week 8: But I'm pulling my hair out
Learn a new perspective on anger so you can be parent you want to be in the mist of chaos, learn what to do when you feeling out of control.

Week 9: The language of children
Explore the way to meet your children where they are and connect into their world.

Week 10: Your transformation
Realize your journey and celebrate your transformation, be encouraged to keep strong and confident on yourself. You got this!

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